Specialized product and/or project consultancy

MCG offers its clients Consulting services in particular:

MCG can offer customers high-level specialist product and/or project consultancy, with the aim of providing the most effective solution to the actual and specific requirements of the customer.

The adoption of a new information system, whether it is the Econ suite or one of the Document Management or Corporate Performance Management solutions, is an opportunity and reason to renew and redefine business processes with a view to improving them.

To carry out these activities, MCG makes use of qualified staff who are constantly updated on technological innovations and organizational consultancy methodologies. Starting from the analysis and mapping of the procedures currently in use, to the definition of the objectives you want to achieve, MCG consultants identify the best solutions and plan the most appropriate software implementations to obtain the desired benefits.

Furthermore, MCG provides for the continuous updating of its customers on new tax laws, through communication on its website and via newsletters.



Keeping one’s skills up-to-date with regard to managerial tools and approaches is increasingly important in order to move away from being simply accountants and executors of other people’s decisions to instead become real “business partners” of the company management.

MCG courses are carried out remotely and aim to allow users to acquire a whole range of information and skills capable of making them independent in the use of software tools in the AFC area. The training consists of a functional introduction to the problems and then the use of software tools capable of succesfully managing the different processes being analyzed.