“ECON Data Room” – Your Virtual Data Room with Blockchain Technology

ECON Data Room is a document and information sharing platform powered by blockchain technology. It is an advanced Virtual Data Room solution for securely sharing and managing confidential information among organizations and external stakeholders. This platform combines the user-friendly UX of a traditional virtual data room with the security and traceability provided by blockchain.


Key Features

Advanced Security: ECON Data Room ensures data protection using cryptographic algorithms and robust security protocols. The blockchain helps with an additional layer of security as each shared file is encrypted and recorded as a transaction on the blockchain.

Data Integrity: Every action performed within the Virtual Data Room, such as uploading, editing, or downloading documents, is recorded as a transaction on the blockchain. This creates an immutable trail that demonstrates when and by whom each operation was executed, helping to maintain data integrity and prevent disputes.

Access Control: Administrators can define access levels for each user or user group. The blockchain records permissions and changes made to access levels, enabling granular and transparent management of rights.

Regulatory Compliance: The traceability provided by blockchain technology helps organizations demonstrate compliance with data privacy and security regulations. Immutable evidence on the blockchain can be used to prove adherence to laws and regulations.

Transparency: All operations conducted in ECON VDR are transparently recorded on the blockchain. This level of transparency can enhance trust among involved parties, as all participants can verify the actions taken.

ECON Data Room involves all your stakeholders:

  • Shareholders, Funds, Banks, Auditors: Certification, authenticity, and integrity of corporate documents
  • Customers: Transparency in accessing information about production batches
  • Suppliers: Sustainable supply chain from raw material to finished product
  • Communities and Authorities: Public links (QR codes) for administrative transparency
  • Employees: Mass storage and document authorization

Cloud Technology:

  • Web portal hosted in cloud (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure)
  • Application developed on Quasar Platform
  • File and data storage with Solid Pod
  • Smart contracts to ensure file immutability
  • Use Ethereum blockchain and others
  • REST APIs consumed by the portal and external applications built with Node.js

ECON Data Room represents a cutting-edge solution for secure information sharing. The combination of advanced encryption and blockchain creates a highly secure environment in which organizations can collaborate and share data transparently, while also ensuring traceability and operational integrity.