Corporate Performance Management & Business Intelligence

Through its MHS Consulting, MCG develops CPM (Corporate Performance Management) and BI (Business Intelligence) projects.

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MHS Consulting carries out projects of high technological and organizational complexity, with short times, fixed costs and maximum customer satisfaction. We develop applications and offer consultancy in the area of Management Control and Consolidated Financial Statements.

MHS Consulting creates analytical applications that solve specific problems by providing a reliable and consolidated working method. These are almost-ready applications developed on Board and PowerBI that allow for a quick implementation. They therefore make it possible to obtain results in a short time with ready-to-hand solutions that can be used on the analysis phase.

We guarantee business continuity for all our customers. The large number of projects we delivered makes us experienced and capable of providing a reliable service without interruptions.

MHS Consulting solutions make it possible to consult KPIs, graphs, and specific reports relating to your business trends and the situation of your business processes anytime and anywhere.

Management Control

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MHS Consulting’s approach, consolidated over the years, involves an analysis of the business sector, selecting the BI software model that best suits our customer’s business model. MHS Consulting brings power and meaning to your business data. We aggregate information that were previously distributed and meaningless. Through our solutions we implement an anytime and anywhere monitoring, even from mobile Dashboard with KPIs and graphs to manage your business trends and analyze your business processes.

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