MCG  designs and builds application software for the areas of Administration, Finance and Management Control. Our software is developed on the two market leading technology platforms: IBM and ORACLE.

It also offers and implements third-party software and solutions, to extend the offering to different business processes, even if not strictly administrative.

MCG is constantly investing in innovation, offering a solution with all-round functional coverage, characterized by a high level of reliability and quality of the services offered. The experience gained over the years, the in-depth knowledge of technologies, the integration between the products and the different solutions qualify MCG as a professional partner with whom customers can dialogue and interact to develop and implement tailor-made solutions, depending on their requirements.

How we work

MCG aims to resolve the critical issues that customers encounter every day in the area of Administration, Finance and Control and in Process Management.

Thanks to the support offered by MCG, our customers are able to manage every aspect of their business more efficiently. MCG supports companies by helping them to change in order to face the demands of a constantly evolving market and to set up a long-term strategy.

All our projects are defined jointly with the client with the aim to:

  • Identify requirements and issues in the current business management
  • Offer IT solutions that can resolve critical issues and cover the highlighted requirements
  • Implement solutions created with the most advanced technologies that enhance the resilience of businesses by increasing the perceived value whilst at the same time always ensuring the security and continuity of data accessibility;
  • Define technical analyses and consequently quantify costs and times required for kick-off activities
  • Implement activities at the customer’s premises, including training and coaching to make internal staff self-reliant and operative (even remotely if necessary);
  • Monitor the platform, keeping it updated to safeguard the value of the investment.

Where we work

Our headquarters are just a short drive from Venice and we operate throughout Italy.

As a supplier of Italian multinational companies, we are also present with our products in foreign countries such as the United States, France, Germany, England and Switzerland.