ECON ESG is a cloud application specifically designed for data collection and traceability of facts, to document one’s commitment to pursuing the goals of an ESG plan, which stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance, and to publish the digital Sustainability Report.

Define your materiality impact, collect data, assign the task and manage the completion of your ESG assessment.

Whether you are expanding or initiating an ESG program in your company, ECON ESG will help you coordinate team activities and manage the most relevant information for your stakeholders.

Stakeholders engagement

Use ECON ESG questionnaires to interview and collect data from your stakeholders, both anonymously and in identified form.

You can gain insights into the starting point for sustainability in your company and focus on the most important topics to address.

In ECON ESG, you can map the various stakeholders interacting with your company and upload contact lists from your management system via WEB API or bulk upload in common formats.

In addition to using stakeholder contacts for questionnaires, they can also be used to send notifications, involve external parties in data compilation, and send massive communications to recipients.

Materiality impact

Define the materialites in alignment with the sustainability goals you’ve chosen to pursue.

Focus on what truly matters and the contribution you can make to ESG objectives. ECON ESG assists you in defining and implementing material themes, coordinating data collection activities by the ESG team and stakeholders according to a predefined roadmap with Gantt chart templates.

Each material theme can be associated with specific reporting standards and SDG goals, the 17 sustainability objectives defined by the international community.

You can create as many material themes as you like and manage their visibility and publication in draft or final format through an approval workflow

Manage KPI and indicators

Add indicators, data, charts, and visual content. You’ll be able to track their progress over time.

ECON ESG gathers over 42,000 GRI, SASB, SDG, CSRD (EFRAG) indicators and allows you to map data and procedures among them using predefined tables already loaded into the system; furthermore, ECON ESG maintains a historical record of data for comparison and archival purposes.

The most important data can be notarized through a connection with the ECON Data Room blockchain and can also be attested by the consultant with a digital signature.

Assing the tasks

Bring your ESG initiative to life by assigning actions and deadlines to keep your ESG plan up to date.

Tasks can be completed within the platform or linked to popular workflow and BPM tools.

Publish your sustainability report

ECON ESG lets you publish part of the plan on interactive web pages and create an interactive, navigable version of the digital Sustainability Report.

Furthermore, ECON ESG is natively integrated with Microsoft Power BI, allowing you to create customized interactive dashboards. This is why ECON ESG is the ideal tool for sharing your virtuous journey towards sustainability with employees, customers, suppliers, banks, and stakeholders.


Start your ECON ESG journey today!


You can register your user on the ECON ESG Manager website and access the demo part of the platform, then request the activation of your account.