EcoFIN & DOC Finance

The Finance area manages two solutions integrated with the ECON AFC, which allow for a streamlined and effective management of treasury: ECOFIN and DOCFINANCE. They are therefore suitable tools for managing finance transactions with different levels of complexity such as payments, collections, treasury control, relations with banks.

Represents the solution to the requirements of the financial area. EconFIN modules allow you to manage:

  • treasury;
  • Cash Flows;
  • reconciliation of account statements
  • management of Corporate-Banking

In addition, it allows you to automatically manage:

  • Customer collections directly from bank transactions;
  • the import of bank statement transactions.
Discover ECOFIN

An application project for the advance management of the company treasury that contains the Telemaco Remote Banking services. The integration of Remote Banking services with the company information system characterizes its completeness:

  • Management of receipts and payments;
  • Short-term loans (Advance payments, forward contracts …);;
  • Medium-long term loans (Mortgages, leasing, IRS …);
  • Cashpooling.

The project is aimed at:

  • Companies (companies, groups, currencies, nations);
  • Credit lines (mixed credit lines, credit lines, hedging maneuver)
  • Automation of collections (complex collections, points of sale, offices).

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